Truck Accident

Each year thousands of people are killed in accidents caused by large trucks, and over 100,000 are seriously injured in truck crashes. The regulation of the trucking industry is complex, and understanding the causes of truck accidents is often difficult. The attorneys at Larson & Larimer P.C. of Denver have handled many Colorado truck accident cases, and have the skills, experience and resources to handle complex personal injury, brain injury and wrongful death cases caused by truck accidents.

It is a simple fact that large trucks are harder to control and have much longer stopping distances. In addition, the large trucks have large blind spots and make wide turns, increasing the risk of accidents. This is particularly true for tractor trailer trucks traveling on highways and busy areas such as Denver or mountain Highways Like I-70. If a large truck crashes into a car, it will be the people in the car who are more likely to suffer catastrophic personal injuries.

If you are involved in a truck accident, call us to get your free consultation. We will direct you to one of our attorneys who specialize in truck accidents. Larson & Larimer, P.C. will can fight for you, get the settlement you deserve, and get you all the advantages you need in your car accident case.


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