According to statistics published by The Denver Post in 2013, Colorado averages 1,600 accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists each year. Of the fatal accidents that are reported each year in Colorado, approximately 20 percent of the victims in these accidents are pedestrians or cyclists. In Denver County alone, the number of auto-pedestrian accidents was up 46 percent for the first eight weeks of 2013, according to the Denver Police Department.

Colorado residents tend to enjoy and spend substantial time outdoors, riding bicycles or walking from place to place. The City of Denver even provides a bicycle sharing program called Denver B-cycle, allowing its citizens to share bicycles to get around town. Colorado laws have been written to give as much protection as possible to the numerous pedestrians and cyclists using the streets of Colorado.

These Colorado laws require cars and trucks to yield to pedestrians, require drivers to maintain an appropriate lookout for pedestrians and cyclists, and to take other precautions to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists in our community. The importance of these laws is due in part to the fact that even a low speed accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian or cyclist can result in severe injuries to the pedestrian or cyclist.

If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle while as a pedestrian or cyclist, the attorneys at Larson & Larimer P.C. can help you obtain the recovery you deserve. It is important that you contact an attorney at Larson & Larimer as soon as possible after one of these accidents so that essential evidence can be preserved. In many of these cases, surveillance or traffic video that recorded the accident may be available. However, many of these recording devices automatically delete recordings after a short period of time. Larson & Larimer can act quickly to preserve this and other valuable evidence, contact witnesses, and take all essential steps to protect you and ensure your maximum recovery.