Pedestrian Accident

When you’ve been hit by a car, it’s hard to imagine how things could be any worse. You’re in extreme pain. The only way you’re ever going to get any better is with medical care – perhaps lots of it. And because you were walking, or out for a jog at the time of the crash, you may not even know who is supposed to pay for the medical bills – or how you’re going to afford them.

But if you don’t choose the right Denver pedestrian accident attorney, there could be even more problems in your future. Those medical bills could pile up. You might be out of work for months. And your life may never be quite the same as it was before the accident.

Larson & Larimer, P.C. has more than 50 years of experience handling pedestrian accident claims in Colorado. We’ll help you sort out complicated questions about bills and insurance coverage. We’ll investigate what caused the crash, we’ll fight to get you the settlement you deserve.