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personal injury attorney denverIf you’ve suffered a personal injury anywhere in Colorado, turn to Larson & Larimer, P.C., the best personal injury lawyer along the front range. We have 50+years of experience combined with accident claims – we have obtained over $250 million in settlements for our clients. Let our experienced Denver personal injury attorneys defend your rights, and we will make sure the legal system works for you in your case. If you become injured due to someone’s negligence please contact Denver Colorado’s Most Reputable Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys, we are here to help you and your family.

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You are more likely to be injured as result of an auto accident than by any other traumatic event in your life. If you have beenpersonal injury lawyer denver injured as result of an auto accident or car accident that was caused by another person, you have the right to be compensated for injuries and losses resulting from the accident. This is the time to work with the top Denver personal injury attorney. These losses may include medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, physical impairment, future medical treatment, and pain and suffering. This is where a personal injury lawyer can help you. In order to maximize your recovery, you should contact an attorney at Larson & Larimer as soon as possible. It is important that you begin gathering information and evidence that may be essential to establish your claim. The experienced attorneys at Larson & Larimer can assist you in gathering and preserving such evidence to ensure that your rights are protected.

If the driver who was at fault in the accident was insured, that individual’s insurance company has an obligation to compensate you for your damages, injuries, and losses. However, these insurance companies do not want you to contact an attorney because an attorney can advise you of your legal rights and take immediate action to assist you in gathering evidence and building your case. Even if the driver who caused the accident did not have insurance or did not have enough insurance, your own auto insurance may be required to compensate you for your damages, injuries, and losses. The experienced attorneys at Larson & Larimer can assist you in navigating the maze of insurance coverage that may be obligated to provide you money damages for your injuries.

Hire one of our Personal Injury Lawyers with a strong record of success. When you file a claim in Colorado, you’re also facing the opposing party’s insurance company and defense attorneys. Shouldn’t you have a stronger representation? Turn to our firm, which has obtained an outstanding record of 95% success rate, $250m+ recovered, and 7,800+ happy clients.

If you have been injured or a loved one killed by a trucking accident, the experienced attorneys at Larson & Larimer will help protect your rights in this unique area. Due to the size of the trucks used by over-the-road truckers, accidents involving these vehicles can result in substantial damage and injuries.

There are many state and federal safety rules and regulations governing the operation of commercial trucks on our highways. Unfortunately, many of these rules and regulations are violated by the owners and operators of these large vehicles. Discovering these violations substantially increases the likelihood of recovery if you are injured in such an accident. Larson & Larimer has the experience and knowledge to secure the records and logs that are required to be maintained by commercial truckers so as to properly investigate your claims. Many of the accidents caused by these commercial truckers are caused by the owner or operator failing to comply with state and federal laws related to maintenance of their vehicles, the maximum amount of time a driver should be behind the wheel, weight limits and other factors that contribute to such accidents. Our experienced attorneys and the experienced experts we retain in such cases can maximize your recovery if you are injured in a trucking accident.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer, P.C. in Denver, CO, have over 40 years of experience representing injured victims including motorcycle riders and their passengers.

Motorcycle accidents differ from auto accidents in that the rider is substantially more likely to be injured, those injuries are likely to be more serious and permanent, and there is a greater likelihood of death from a motorcycle accident. The attorneys at Larson & Larimer are experienced in representing and protecting the rights of riders who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. Despite the fact that many motorcycle accidents are caused by automobile drivers who are not paying attention, insurance companies will often try to blame the injured rider and their passengers. Insurance companies frequently attempt to argue that the rider was speeding, should have been wearing a helmet, should have been able to avoid the accident, etc.

The lawyers at Larson & Larimer PC and their investigators will act quickly to obtain and preserve evidence necessary to defeat the insurance companies’ attempts to blame the innocent rider. It is essential to contact the attorneys at Larson & Larimer PC as soon as possible after an accident to avoid losing valuable evidence.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer PC have represented many riders who have sustained serious and life changing injuries at the hands of those who were not paying attention while operating their automobiles. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed while on a motorcycle, contact Larson & Larimer PC so that we can help you to take the immediate steps necessary to preserve essential evidence and protect your rights.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer, P.C., in Denver, CO have more than 40 years of experience in working with product liability cases. We have been obtaining substantial successful results for clients who have suffered a variety of product related injuries.  Product Liability Law is the civil process to compensate consumers injured by dangerous or defective products. Many people are unaware that there is an entire section of law devoted to outlining how manufacturers and product companies are held responsible for any damage caused by the goods they sell.

Every product you buy is manufactured with either an explicit or implicit guarantee that the product is not defective. The product can be defective in a number of ways, such as a poor design, a flaw in the manufacturing process, inadequate warnings, or a breach of a warranty.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer can properly assess the personal injury and damage done to you by the negligent or defective product and help you estimate your injuries and losses. We will do our best to hold the manufacturer or seller responsible for the flaw in the product.

In Colorado, premises liability is a specific type of personal injury claim that gives protection to people who are injured on the property of a property or landowner. Individuals or companies that own or operate property in Colorado are responsible for injuries to visitors that occur as the result of accidents, criminal acts, or negligence.

The Colorado Premises Liability statute, C.R.S. §13-21-115, provides the framework for the duty of care for landowners.

The level of protection for an injured person depends on the status of the injured party: whether he/she is a Trespasser (a person who enters onto the land of another without the landowner’s consent), a Licensee (a person who enters onto the land of another with the landowners consent but for the person’s own convenience or purposes), or an Invitee (a person who enters onto land of another to transact business in which both the landowner and the person have an interest).

If you have been injured on public property as result of conduct by a public employee or by the action of a governmental entity, special rules apply in the State of Colorado. When a city, county, or state entity is involved in a claim, specific rules apply that will require specialized notice and limits on liability.

The Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) protects governmental entities from specific types of claims, limits the amount of recovery, and requires very specific notice provisions. This is sometimes referred to as Sovereign Immunity. The CGIA requires an injured party to provide specific written notice to the governmental entity within a short period of time after the injury. If this notice requirement is not met, you may forever lose your right to recover for your damages and injuries.

Larson & Larimer, P.C., in Denver, CO has more than 40 years of experience in representing clients through a variety of cases and areas of practice. We have successfully assisted clients with workers’ compensation cases over the years.

Work can be a dangerous place. Every day, people get seriously hurt while on the job. Under Colorado Workers’ Compensation laws, if you become injured or disabled while working, you may be entitled to receive a variety of benefits, including disability awards, medical coverage, lump sum payments, and monetary reimbursements for lost wages resulting from the injury.

Although there is no shortage of the types of injuries one can sustain while on the job (exposure to chemicals, amputation from heavy machinery, slip and fall in the office kitchen, or a car accident while traveling between job sites), more common injuries happen to your back, arms, legs, head, and eyes.

According to statistics published by The Denver Post in 2013, Colorado averages 1,600 accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists each year. Of the fatal accidents that are reported each year in Colorado, approximately 20 percent of the victims in these accidents are pedestrians or cyclists. In Denver County alone, the number of auto-pedestrian accidents was up 46 percent for the first eight weeks of 2013, according to the Denver Police Department.

Colorado residents tend to enjoy and spend substantial time outdoors, riding bicycles or walking from place to place. The City of Denver even provides a bicycle sharing program called Denver B-cycle, allowing its citizens to share bicycles to get around town. Colorado laws have been written to give as much protection as possible to the numerous pedestrians and cyclists using the streets of Colorado.

Larson & Larimer is a client-centered law firm, dedicated to delivering professional results while handling all cases with a personal approach. At Larson & Larimer, attorneys, not paralegals or other staff members, will manage your case and communicate closely with you regarding the status of your claim. At many other larger personal injury firms, clients are treated as numbers and commonly experience difficulty getting ahold of their attorneys. Here, our attorneys’ caseloads are kept to a minimum so that they are always available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and devote to your case the time it deserves. At Larson and Larimer, our goal is not to generate a high volume of cases, but is to work closely with clients to help them obtain the compensation they deserve and regain a sense of normalcy in their lives following an accident.

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At Larson & Larimer, P.C., we represent injured people, their families, and those who may have lost a loved one in the Denver, Colorado, area. Whether your injuries were the result of an auto accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall, professional negligence, product defect, or some other cause, we believe that you are legally entitled to receive fair compensation for your injuries. Our team of experienced and dedicated lawyers and professionals will make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer, P.C. have helped injured people just like you recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements as compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, future expenses, and ongoing disabilities. We work closely with our clients and an experienced Denver personal injury attorney will aggressively pursue your case against those who have caused your injuries, doing our best to hold them accountable for their actions.

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