The attorneys at Larson & Larimer, P.C. in Denver, CO, have over 40 years of experience representing injured victims including motorcycle riders and their passengers.

Motorcycle accidents differ from auto accidents in that the rider is substantially more likely to be injured, those injuries are likely to be more serious and permanent, and there is a greater likelihood of death from a motorcycle accident. The attorneys at Larson & Larimer are experienced in representing and protecting the rights of riders who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. Despite the fact that many motorcycle accidents are caused by automobile drivers who are not paying attention, insurance companies will often try to blame the injured rider and their passengers. Insurance companies frequently attempt to argue that the rider was speeding, should have been wearing a helmet, should have been able to avoid the accident, etc.

The lawyers at Larson & Larimer PC and their investigators will act quickly to obtain and preserve evidence necessary to defeat the insurance companies’ attempts to blame the innocent rider. It is essential to contact the attorneys at Larson & Larimer PC as soon as possible after an accident to avoid losing valuable evidence.

The attorneys at Larson & Larimer PC have represented many riders who have sustained serious and life changing injuries at the hands of those who were not paying attention while operating their automobiles. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed while on a motorcycle, contact Larson & Larimer PC so that we can help you to take the immediate steps necessary to preserve essential evidence and protect your rights.

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