Medical malpractice occurs when the conduct of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, dentists, pharmacists, nursing home staff, and others, falls below the “standard of care,” or the level of care that similarly situated medical professionals are supposed to provide to their patients. When treating patients, medical professionals are expected to do what a reasonable physician would do under the same or similar circumstances. Medical negligence claims most commonly result from mistakes by professionals during surgery, childbirth, amputation, and administration of anesthesia, misuse of medications, implants, or medical devices, failure to diagnose an illness or render proper treatment following a correct diagnosis, and a professional’s failure to obtain a patient’s informed consent for treatment.

At Larson & Larimer, we recognize that injuries resulting from the negligence of a trusted medical professional can be traumatic. Not only do we strive to ensure that you receive the care and treatment you require following an injury, but we also work diligently to seek redress against those responsible, ensuring the future safety of Colorado’s citizens. If you believe that you were the victim of medical negligence, contact Larson & Larimer immediately for assistance. Please be aware that an unsatisfactory result does not always mean that you were a victim of substandard care. We will evaluate your situation, obtain a medical review of your treatment records, and determine whether you may have a medical malpractice case.

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